Lighting the Eighth Fire

This remarkable collection of essays by leading Indigenous scholars focuses on the themes of freedom, liberation and Indigenous resurgence as they relate to the land. They analyze treaties, political culture, governance, environmental issues, economy, and radical social movements from an anti-colonial Indigenous perspective in a Canadian context.

Editor Leanne Simpson (Nishnaabekwe) has solicited Indigenous writers that place Indigenous freedom as their highest political goal, while turning to the knowledge, traditions, and culture of specific Indigenous nations to achieve that goal. The authors offer frank and political analysis and commentary of the kind not normally found in mainstream books, journals, and magazines. Forward by Taiaiake Alfred.

“Accessible to both academic and activist communities, this is one of the most exciting Native studies collections to come along in recent years.”
- Andrea Smith, author of Conquest:  Sexual Violence & American Indian Genocide”

“A formidable, generative, and well-developed collection of essays that unfolds the Indigenous renaissance in Canad with its depth and sustainability.”
- Sakej Henderson, author of First Nations Jurisprudence and Aboriginal Rights:  Defining Just Society

“A tremendously powerful interdisciplinary reader that has application far beyond Indigenous Studies.”
- Kiera Ladner, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Politics & Governance

“This book introduces a new generation of Indigenous scholars who in their discussions provide balance between challenging our thinking and providing hope. More importantly, the discussions on the relationships between Indigenous peoples and the land including the waters is the most comprehensive produced to date in this country. The foundation of the book is Indigenous knowledges and it places women in the centre of the discussions. Dr. Simpson has produced a collection that should be on many must read lists.”
- Patricia Monture, author of Journeying Forward: Dreaming First Nations Independence